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‘Incredible leaders step in until they are fully in, stay open until they are flowing, create transformation until they are inspiring and bring gratitude until extraordinary things happen.’

Wayno Linton



This book is a profound one for humanity. We have the periodic table for the elements and now with this book we have the Periodic table for human awareness. The depth is both astounding yet simple. It will for sure become a global bestseller and it has incredible lessons which will hold true for many generations to come.



Anthony Scaramucci,

former member of White House senior staff, founder of SkyBridge Capital


How did The Awareness Code come to be?

This book was born as a result of the combined efforts of the authors, who both come from completely different industries but met with the same questions and interest around why people continue to make poor choices in business or in their personal lives despite the best of intentions.


Wayno Linton

Steve Tappin.jpg

Steve Tappin

Wayno's highest calling has been serving individuals to raise their awareness.  Steve's highest calling has been to focus on CEOs and transforming companies across the world. 

Together they've drawn upon their experiences with over 30,000 people to create The Awareness Code.

Their collaboration over the last few years has birthed a blueprint that they have used in companies across the globe to transform these organizations by implementing the blueprint through the structure of the companies and solidifying their relationship with integrity.


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