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The Awareness Code Application is an amazing tool which brings the Awareness Code to life for the user.  If, like most of us, you carry your phone with you everywhere, you will have the Application available to you 24/7. It is a tool you can utilise to assist you at those times when you may need some assistance to bring yourself back to centre.  You can also use it on a daily basis to check in with yourself as to where you are sitting on the Awareness Code and which behaviours you are either defaulting to or living from.


There is a wealth of information contained within the Application based around the Awareness Code’s 100 tiles.  Each tile contains an explanation, a picture which visually encapsulates it, a video which contains an explanation of the tile and how that behaviour might be exhibited.


You can create collections of the tiles.  You may choose to create a collection around tiles  that you default to and learn to work with them to step out of lower awareness into higher awareness.  You can work with your collections on your own or in fellowship with others.


You can also create goals, actions and journals and sync these to the calendar that you use on a daily basis.


The Application contains fantastic meditations, with 2 additional meditations being uploaded to the Application each month to assist the user to continually grow and develop their awareness.

The Application is now live and can be accessed on your mobile phone by following the link/s below:

Google Play

Apple App Store

Awareness Code App Plans - updated 01032022.png
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