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Image by Kamil Pietrzak

Beyond Incredible Group

Do you have what it takes to become one of the world's top 100 "Beyond Incredible" leaders?

About BIG

BIG is a select group of 100 incredible people or the next generation leaders from across the globe who have been invited to participate in the ‘Beyond Incredible Group’ program - people with the potential to have world-changing influence, to become a shining light and a model for millions to follow.


Everyone has within them at least 100 states of awareness, or, “tiles” as the book describes them, with each person operating from multiple tiles at any given time. The individuals invited to this program have been nominated as someone very talented and deemed to have done, or potentially will do, incredible things in the world with respect to their fields or passions. These individuals, with diverse ages and interests, sit mainly in the upper tiles of the Awareness Code (above 60).  We have scanned the globe looking for potential candidates.

If you have been nominated and become a participant, you will be able to connect with a global team of wonderful individuals who are tapping into their highest purpose or calling and being mentored and nurtured toward reaching their greatest potential. A personal and leadership development program using ‘The Awareness Code’ as its guide.

Wayno and Steve are the program coaches and will help guide the participants to develop ‘Beyond Incredible’ qualities and achieve unimaginable results in their chosen calling.

If you would like to apply for entry into the BIG program, please submit your details below:

Thanks for submitting!

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